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   I'm Chad and welcome to my Trikke club.

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  Trikke carving vehicle
        Information about the Trikke carving
              exercise machine.

  Trikke club
        It's always great to meet other Trikke owners.
             See the Trikke Community locator maps.

  Trikke video
        See the full body workout in motion.
             Watch President Jimmy Carter ride.

  My story
        I ride my T12 every chance I get.
             I feel great and so can you.

  Cajun Cackle Challenge
        An all day trikke ride that is a fun way
             to help you reach your personal record.

  Used section
        A used Trikke is a good way to get started.
             Check out what I found for you.

  Other links
        Some of my club members have their own
             businesses, hobbies, and support groups.

  Contact us
        Contact me for demos, rides, or
             questions you may have.