My story

   In 2007, I saw the Trikke infomercial
            and instantly knew that
            I had to have one.

   Whether I was walking, riding my bike,
            or rollerblading, I had always
            enjoyed exercising outdoors.

   And when the infomercial said, "Full body
            workout while enjoying the outdoors",
            I knew it was my kind of exercise.

   Full body workout:
            Go to my Trikke video page and watch it
                        for yourself.
            1.  Upper body constantly moving the
                        front wheel back and forth.
            2.  Mid-section constantly twisting
                        to keep balance.
            3.  Lower body constantly pushing the
                        back wheels side to side.

I loved it so much, it became my main form
            of exercise.

   When I first started this exercise routine,
            I was one of those chubby types with
            the chubby face, chubby neck,
            chubby arms, and chubby legs.

   I lost the chubbiness, and now
            have tone muscles.

   And I feel great !!!

   And this is coming from a guy that still enjoys
            Papa John's Pizza.

   If that doesn't speak for the Trikke,
            then I don't know what does.

   Because of my great results, I wanted
            to be able to train other people.

   In 2009, I decided to go to the Trikke Academy
            offered by the Trikke company.

   I became a certified Trikke trainer.

started this Trikke club to show people
            the joy and fun of this well-built
            exercise machine.

   As a club member, you can show up
            for free training during any
of our club rides.

   Or, if you would like to hire me for a
            more private training session,
            we can make arrangements
            for me to travel to
            your location.

   In the spring of 2011, I rode in a
            Trikke Century ride.
            1 day to do 100 miles.

   We started at 5:30 am and finished at 9:30 pm.
            I finished with 101 miles !!!

   For me, carving down the street on my Trikke
a sunny day is an awesome way to
            exercise and have fun at the same time.

   It's good for your body and great stress relief
            for your mind.

Do yourself a huge favor ...................

   1.  Buy a Trikke carving vehicle.

   2.  Contact me for some fun exercise rides
            throughout the year.

   Bonus find.....

   In 2015, I bought a vintage Trikke like the one
            Andy and Jana own. (video section)

   In 1999, only around 100 of these were made.

   The frames were welded together in Brazil,
            then shipped to the U.S.

   Then, bicycle parts, such as the spoke rims,
            tires, handle bars, and clamp brakes,
            were added to the Trikke frames.

   I only know of 3 that exist in the hands of
            private owners from the original
            100 batch made.

   And I consider myself very lucky to
            own 1 of those 3.

   If you find yourself in Louisiana and want to
            see my vintage Trikke in person,
            please contact me, so I can share this
            awesome piece of Trikke history
            with you.