Trikke carving vehicle

  The Trikke carving vehicle is an awesome, fun,
            exercise machine.

   It works your whole body in a nice, smooth,
            carving motion.

   And with air tires, you can ride it just about
            anywhere and enjoy exercising
            in the great outdoors.

   Just fold it up, stick it in your vehicle,
            and take it with you.

And get a full body workout:
            Go to my Trikke video page and watch it
                        for yourself.
            1.  Upper body constantly moving the
                        front wheel back and forth.
            2.  Mid-section constantly twisting
                        to keep balance.
            3.  Lower body constantly pushing the
                        back wheels side to side.

   Bonus picture........

   I went to the Trikke company's headquarters
            and got to check out one of
            the first prototype Trikkes !!!