Trikke club

   My club serves two functions:

   1.  If you do not own one, and would like a
            demo session, feel free to join the club
            and use the Contact Us link so I can
            let you ride one of mine.
            Basically, you get to try out different
            size Trikkes to figure out which
            one best fits you before you buy one.

   2.  If you already own one, then come ride
            with me and enjoy exercising in
            Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
            And, check out the Trikke Community
            locator maps at the bottom of this page
            to find riders in your area.

   Each week, I send out emails with the dates
            and times that I'm going
            to be riding my T12.

   I vary the days each week to allow for some
            weekday rides and some weekend rides
            throughout the month.

   And don't worry if you are brand new
            to riding your Trikke.

Most new riders tend to learn faster when they
            are able to watch the more experienced
            riders in motion.

   And the more experienced riders are always
            willing to help teach a new rider.

   It's all about having fun.

   Some riders choose to do 15 minutes, some 30,
            and some, 1 hour or more.

   All skill levels welcome.

   Click on the Contact Us link and join me
            for some fun exercise rides
            throughout the year.

   Also, if you are looking for riders around
            your area, please check out the
            following maps..........

   Or, if you want to be added to the map
            so other riders can find you,
            please contact me.

   Trikke Carvers of Louisiana..........

   Trikke Carvers of the World..........